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Dawn of Discovery Assistant User Guide

New in 1.4.1:

Resolved some major issues with the calculator where it was
not recognizing sophisticated needs. Furthermore if you did
something like type in 10000 Noblemen, it would say you
needed things Noblemen will never use, like coffee. Also
resolve an issue with the calculator where you could use
negative populations for calculations. Resolved an issue
where the incorrect version of the user guide was being
included with the program.

New in 1.4:

The civilization calculator has arrived! In version 1.4 you
can now click on the Civilization Calculator button to pull
it up. To use it, simply choose your civilization type
(Patricians, Nomads, etc) and enter your current population.
You may notice that as you type there is a slight delay, this
is all because the value you are typing is calculated on the fly.
The hang is very short, typically less than a second per typed


When the program is started you will be presented with
a main menu. For the time being the Production Chain
& Sophisticated Needs buttons will load the same form.

For Production Chains & Sophisticated Needs:

Simply click on the drop down menu and choose
what final product you are looking to create. After choosing
the product the program will display the facilities required
as part of the production chain as well as the total
population of each civilization type that one chain will

The Civilization Calculator button is disabled until we
implement it in the next version. If you have the time,
please view the credits as this program has required
several hours in the making and the creators have
earned due credit.

The User Guide button will open the guide.rtf file
for you. The Quit Program button obviously, quits
the program.

For the Civilization Calculator:

Simply click the civilization calculator button in the
main menu. Choose the civilization type radio
button (the little button next to it’s picture). Then
type in your population size. You may notice
slight delays because the program is calculating
on the fly (as you type). The delays are very
short however and in a few seconds you will be
greeted with the amount of each chain you will
Need to support your population.

Error Reporting:

If you encounter ANY errors while using this program,
please, please take the time to report them in the
Issue Tracker or Discussion areas on our project
website at


This project was created using Visual C#
Express 2008 SP2. It should be compiled using the .NET
Framework version 3.5 using the Client-only framework
subset. Resources are not compiled as part of the
resources resx, and in fact are not even included
therein. All file locations except the user guide & main
logo are located in the xml files. Data for the program
is also loaded into the xml files.


Program & logo developed by BlueSin
Program data curtesy of
Icon artwork by Exhumed
Anno1404/Dawn of Discovery is developed by Ubisoft

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